Jadavpur University (Department of Comparative Literature), Kolkata has just published (2013) the book Retelling As Interpretation: An Essay on Sarala Mahabharata (123 pages), which contains my essay with the same title, responses to it by Professor Pratap Bandyopadhyay (Literature), Professor Vrinda Dalmiya (Philosophy), Professor Syed A. Sayeed (Philosophy), my response to these, and the piece “By Way of Conclusion” by Professor Ipshita Chanda (Literature). Most of the stories from Sarala Mahabharata discussed here have not been part of Introducing Saaralaa Mahaabhaarata and of this blog.


  1. Sir, I am interested to getting these two books – Retelling As Interpretation: An Essay on Sarala Mahabharata and Introducing Sararalaa Mahaabharataa. Are they both in English ? Where can i procure this in Bangalore or Bhubaneswar ? or online ?


  2. You can get “Retelling…” from the Dept. of Comparative Literature, Jadavpur University, Kolkata and “Introducing…” from Central Institute of Indian Languages, Manasagangotri, Mysore. These are institute / university publications and are not available in the market. By the way, do you live in Bangalore? If so, getting it from Mysore may not be very difficult. These are not available online yet (I do not know when they will be! The copyright is the publishers'.). If you give me your email id, I will mail you a paper of mine on the Kurukshetra War.


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