This is to say that my book “Life’s Little Tales” has been published. It is published by Sikshasandhan, ND – 7, VIP Area, IRC Village, Bhubaneswar – 751015. Tel: 074- 2556109, Fax: 0674- 751015. Email: Website: Price: Rs 195/-

This book is a collection of twenty one short essays. Written in a casual and narrative mode, these personal and reflective essays are about an Odia village boy’s growing up: his negotiating with his world, relishing its beauty and facing its challenges, and trying to make sense of his world and himself. These are about the people he met, the stories he heard in his childhood, the books he read and re-read, not once but many times, the thoughts and ideas that opened his eyes and also about the varied experiences he gathered in various real-life situations that impacted his thinking and understanding. As he responded in intellectual and emotional terms to what he had come across and internalized, he almost lived them.

These pieces explore themes ranging from foods and football to the way we use language and think and talk about it, to the predicament of the day-to-day life to some puranic tales and that fascinatingly many-layered epic – Sarala Mahabharata.

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